Throwback Weekend

by The Professional Cynic


Fun weekend it is. :D

Photo on the top is with the crazy folks of QUADRO|Photography Club. I finally had the opportunity to visit them and the beloved College after a year.

It really feels good to see familiar faces; rooms, corridors, and offices that nestled you for four years; and acknowledge the inevitable burst of nostalgia that came rushing unnoticed. I also met new people; neoteric souls wandering in the same celestial field as I did years ago, trying to fit in as they find their way out.

We talked, we laughed, we ate, and we scrutinized. Together we savor the moment; old and new alike. We know that even though we came from different time, batches, or era, we were paddling on the same boat and were bonded with the same avidity called passion.

Time flew fast and we bid our farewells, a promise from the alumni that we will try our best to join them in their forthcoming general assembly and a promise from the current folks of a better consulate and a proactive organization that lies ahead.

Bottom photo is about the epic hangout together with Ariane (current Quadro PRO), Pam, and Jeffrey. A night full of laughter, bitchiness, food, and conyo moments at a coffee shop in Araneta. An opportunity to release all our inhibitions, angst, stresses, and laments from work, colleagues, classmates, professors, institutions, organizations, and about failed dreams, ambitions, plans, and a bit of interrogation about salary, a fair share of jokes, recounting stories from the past, sharing each stance on a certain issue, and other stuff that keeps us going ’til three in the morning.

Exhausted, doped, and broke, we bid our goodbyes at the dawn of Sunday with an empty pocket and smiles on our faces as we walked our own ways.

(Credits to Pam for the top photo and to Jeffrey’s Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini with dual sim feature for the bottom one.)