Reminiscences down the drain

by The Professional Cynic

With the announcement of the blog-site-turned-maketplace shutting down, I tried to access my old blog site (hosted by them, of course) to retrieve all my writings way back in the college era. To my surprise, I wasn’t able to access neither my page, nor any of my posts in the said platform. It constantly gives me the “404 error” which eventually came to realization that there’s no way I can obtain all the memoirs of college days because they deleted all the blogs posted there when they reinvented their dying website into a marketplace.

Nonetheless, I learned my lesson with the mishap so I decided to have a some sort of “transition” of archives posted from different platforms which I rarely use nowadays which sooner or later I believe, will be shutting down as well like Multiply (Haha). Switching to a more stable platform like WordPress and reducing my cybertrash was not a bad idea afterall.

So there, as much as I want this cyberspace to be constituted with just freshly pressed posts, it seems that having annals of the past circulating this site is inevitable. Thus, came the posts of anecdotes, photographs, and accounts dated circa 2008 and beyond.