KRITIKOS: The Magazine (And all the blues and shits that comes with it)

by The Professional Cynic


More than anyone else, I am the one who’s so much proud in this piece of shit.

Seven consecutive days of pressure and sleepless nights; not to mention the burning sensation I feel in my eyes whenever I stay long in front of the computer, and the battle with Adobe InDesign which I am so unfamiliar with.

Seven days of stress whenever I wake up and realize the fact that I’m just going to sit there AGAIN and consume my entire day having a face to face date with the computer monitor while caressing the keyboard. Those days when I have to sacrifice my internship hours, my sleep and above all, taking a bath just to dedicate the time I am going to consume in doing those stuff over layout-ing this paper.

This one’s for the people who supported me in that 7-day journey of adversities; to catch up for those days when I suddenly go ballistic, shouting and screaming in our house like a mad man just to stop people from making noises even though I knew that they exerted much effort to avoid making even the slightest sound for the sake of not disturbing me. (Again, sorry guys and thank you for understanding my grumpiness while doing this project. You’re all awesome!)

Finally, after all the hardships, I can now have a grasp of the hot off the press copy of our magazine. The product of all the sufferings and sacrifices; the fruit of thy labor; the one that added a decent five years growth in my physical appearance in just seven days… our magazine, Kritikos (March, 2012).

Check out its electronic (e-mag) version here.