Walking down the broken road

by The Professional Cynic

This post is for you who unexpectedly infiltrated my bewildered system. Who by a snap changed my daily routine, my normal thinking and my accustomed flow of everyday life, without me noticing.

Oh sure, I have regrets. There were times when I wish I had never let you dock in this swirling sea of troubled scheme. It makes me think that having you in this cosmos abruptly spun things to appear in its utmost complexity. Nonetheless, I am still grateful that at some point in my expedition in this chaotic galaxy, I had a chance to collide in some transient soul and share savvies and mundane happiness amidst the resounding truth of severance.

Despite the torment I’ve been experiencing throughout the course; in this lucid dream of prejudiced and one-sided correlation, I still want to thank you for partaking in this evocative voyage I’m into. Little by little, I am learning to accept the fact that sooner in this journey you will bid your farewell and leave me with no choice but to linger in this flustered route alone. Hoping that this agony I am enduring will vanish the moment I get numb in walking barefooted in this rocky trail, or smashing in another transient soul again.