Omnia causa fiunt

by The Professional Cynic

I haven’t really decided yet on what to post in this cyber paper. Obviously I don’t want to feed this with so much rants from the cruelty of life (though it seems like I don’t have any option).

I don’t think it’s a safe place for me to blab here about weird classmates, rude professors and rotting institutions. With those mug shots flashing in the footer of this site, doing those stupid acts were my least priority. When one of them discovered this, surely I will be thrown on deep shit.

Speaking of deep shit, we’re actually swimming in the vast oceanic shit of thesis writing. It seems like all the groups were up for the thesis defense and ours were so left behind. Anyway, I’m not blaming anyone, I trust my team and I know we can survive this; yet it was just so depressing to know the reality that we’re way too far to claim success.